New Me. New Blog.

In 2011, when I moved in with my then-boyfriend (now Husband), I started a new blog called “Ms. Homemaker”. It was my response to the variety of “mommy blogs” or homemaker blogs around the internet where seemingly flawless and perfect women did crafts and cooked picture perfect meals for their families.

My blog was about our modern family and how I, a working woman, cooked, crafted, and maintained a home. Occasionally I would post about politics or other key issues that mattered to me-but mostly, it was recipes and drinks and photos of our adventures.

I’m proud of that blog and the work I did there-but so much has changed for us in the last year and it was time to start fresh.

My now-husband and I were married on 12.22.16, after spending 2016 working hard in Progressive Politics. Here in Oregon we had so many victories, but everything feels overshadowed by #45 at the regressive policies he promotes.

Since January 20th I have been struggling-in a world where mansplaining abusers and general fuckery seems to be the new law of the land-I’ve been struggling.

On election day I re-tweeted a post from @shutupgunther

“If you thought I was an angry feminist bitch before I hope you’re ready for me the next four years.”

It is with this mantra that I go forth with this blog.

Here you’ll find feminist content, articles, and links. You’ll find books, and podcasts, and yes-still cocktail recipes because lord knows I won’t make it to 2020 without a heavy pour.

I hope you’ll walk this journey with me.


Candy Jean

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